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 At Intelligent Insurance, we help ensure you understand all aspects of your policy and give you peace of mind when choosing the right coverage for you.

Car Insurance

Make sure you are covered when disaster strikes, while making sure you get discounts for being a responsible driver. Call us to get a free assessment and get the most out of your money.

Home Insurance

It's a moment of pride and self-fulfillment when you finally own your very own home. Something about having your personal space hits a chord. Why not protect it with the proper home insurance? We can help.

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Excellent Track Record.

We have hundreds of satisfied customers that save money every month on their home and car policies.


Since we partner with so many different carriers and are very familiar with their discounts, we make sure you have the right one with all applicable discounts.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We have a highly skilled and trained customer service team that understands your needs and works through getting you the right policies step by step.

Let our experience be your guide 

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